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2016 CNA Web Poll Results

Its shocking to see in this months CNA web poll that 29% of those who were polled have personally experienced or witnessed in their place of employment someone harshly criticizing someone without hearing both sides of the story.  However, our web poll also revealed that the same percentage of those polled have never witnessed or experienced this in the workplace.  I come to an understanding that one instance of manipulation, misplaced anger or unprofessionalism can be forgiven, However when it becomes a pattern, is this considered bullying?

Twenty five percent of our readers polled stated that they work short staffed on a daily basis.  This is unacceptable, not only to the Certified Nursing Assistants, but to the residents that they take care of.  There are no minimum staffing levels for certified nurse’s aides, who provide most of the day-to-day care in nursing homes in most states. Sadly, this is due largely to nursing home owners or management intentionally understaffing to increase profits.  Labor is one of the most costly expenses in a nursing home, so to cut costs, management often dictates unreasonable patient-to-staff ratios.  There are 13% of our readers that voted that they never work short staffed.  It would be great to see this percent higher.  I don’t think that nursing homes realize the consequence of being short staffed will led to high turnover due to unreasonable demands will only make the situation worse.
Its interesting to see that not only 39 percent works the day shift, but 39% of our readers work the evening shift.  Only nine percent of our readers work the night shift.  For those who do work the night shift we offer a special section just for them.