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2017 December CNA Web Poll Results

Our readers in this months poll were asked about the distance of their commute.  Our results showed that 41%  of you spend a good bit of every workday just getting to and from work. Many don’t realize that a long commutes can not only cost you money but it is also costing you precious time and your health.

Commuting can be a stressful daily activity for the healthcare workforce and it is not something most people enjoy doing.   Many don’t realize that long commutes can be worse for you than you thought.  There are  a number of reasons involved in commuting that can contribute to poor health.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a new study studying the commuting habits of workers in two cities.  The study revealed that traveling more than 15 miles to work each day these individuals were more likely to be obese and carry fat around the belly, which can lead to heart problems. They were also less likely to get exercise compared to those with a five-mile commute. Those who traveled more than 10 miles per day also had a tendency to have high blood pressure. When we commuting a long distance we are more likely to eat fast food and junk. 

According to our poll results, a majority of workers say they spend an average of 0-10 miles 53 %  commuting to and from work in a typical day. (This includes workers who report "zero" minutes commuting) Our data show that 41% of workers commute 10-20 miles, and  6 % commute 20-30 miles a day.