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February 2018 CNA Web Poll Results

Our poll results show that 59% of our readers work in an environment that has a cell phone usage policy.  Forty nine of our readers polls however don’t have a cell phone usage policy at work.  Whether you do or don’t there should be fair and flexible guidelines involving cell phones in the work place.

Turn Your Cell Phone Ringer Off
If you have your cell phone at work, it should not ring. Set it on Vibrate or in Airplane Mode.

Use your cell phone only for Urgent Calls
If the call is important, use your cell phone away from the patient care area.

Let Your Cell Phone Calls Go to Voice Mail
While you are at work if you are in doubt about whether an incoming call is important, let voice mail pick it up. It will take much less time to check your messages than it will to answer the call and then tell the caller you can’t talk. Tell your family to use the text option for non-emergent calls and then read them on your break or once in a non-patient area.

Find a Private Place to Make Cell Phone Calls
While it’s okay to use your cell phone at work for private calls, talk in a non-patient area, where your conversation can’t be overheard, even if what you’re discussing isn’t personal.

Do not use your cell phone during rounds
Place your cell phone on vibrate. Let your family know you will call them at break.

Keep voice volume normal
Mind your volume while you are talking on a cell phone. Keep your voice at a normal tone when using a cell phone.

Remember Privacy Issues
Remember HIPAA and the need to keep patient information private. In short, be mindful of those around you at all times when using a cell phone. Just as you wouldn’t want to hear somebody’s personal business as they talk to somebody standing right next to them, others will not want to hear the details of your personal life as you gab on the phone.