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March 2018 CNA Web Poll Results

It seems that every other person is sporting some type of ink these days. 42% percentage of tattooed adults are in the United States and rising. Considering Tattoos a form of personal expression which should technically be protected by the First Amendment. 

It has become clear that tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. However in certain professions, tattoos can still be frowned upon by employers. While tattoos are becoming more widely accepted, it’s also true that not every employer welcomes their presence.

The two major reasons why health care employers may restrain from excessive or visible tattoos are:

  • the belief that body ink is not professional
  • the negative stigma of being associated with criminal activity

In our recent CNA web poll we asked Does your employer allow CNAs to show Tattoos at work?  To our surprise 38% of our readers polled said no.  There is currently no nationally acknowledged policy concerning tattoos and piercing in the workplace. However, that being said, official restrictions and unwritten rules can vary greatly from employer to employer.

Of our readers polled sixty three percent voted yes that they are allowed to show their tattoos at work?  This still doesn’t answer maybe much bigger questions.  Are the tattoos visible? Is there a written policy regarding tattoos in the place of employment?  Would this change for the readers who answered yes if the tattoos were very large, on the face or considered offensive. 

Fewer and fewer employers are seeing tattoos as taboo or an uneducated practice. Healthcare employers rules and people’s views are gradually changing. Still, not every institution is in a rush to change their viewpoint. 

Ultimately, its your decision on how to live your life. Working in the medical field with tattoos is no trouble as long as you’re mindful of requirements and expectations.