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7 Common Job Hunting Mistakes CNAs Should Avoid

Getting a CNA job right now isn’t so easy, even for experienced Certified Nursing Assistants.  By avoiding these few things you may find yourself getting that call you’ve been waiting for to set up an interview!

1. Applying for CNAs jobs that you’re not qualified for
If you’d like to work with fewer patients and have more standard work hours, working for a doctor’s office or private practice may be the best fit for you. However,  most Doctors offices will only hire those Certified Nursing Assistants that have additional training.  Make sure you apply for jobs in which you meet the qualifications fully.
2. Not having great references
If this is going to be your first job getting references may seem impossible. You may be able to get a reference from your CNA instructor or someone in a leadership position.

3. Mistakes on your resume
Most Certified Nursing Assistant positions don’t require that you have a resume.  However, there are some jobs where it will come in handy, such as private duty CNA jobs. You don’t have to have it done by a professional or anything.  You want to make sure that you edit, and edit again.  Your resume is the first impression for the employer.

4. Not staying on top of new positions that open up
There are several Nursing homes and hospital HR department websites that will allow you to set email alerts for jobs that open in the preferences of your choice.
5. Calling, calling and calling
Do not submit an application and then start calling the HR department every single day. You will want to wait a few weeks before you call to check the status of your application.

6. Do your research!
If you’re moving to a new area and looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant job, find out the largest health care networks and go straight to their site and apply to them directly. Check out reviews of nursing facilities in the area, find positive ones, and then go to their website to look for openings.

7. Don’t forget about Social Media
Social Media can be a phenomenal resource. Search for groups and pages that are specially for Certified Nursing Assistants.  This is not only a great way to find new positions as the open up, you will be able to get some in site on working for a specific company. 

There are plenty of options for Certified Nursing Assistants to choose from when applying for jobs such as Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Doctor Offices & Private Practices, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospices.