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April Web Poll Results

There is no doubt the CNA turnover is high. However, in our recent CNA web poll we asked our readers regarding in the past year has the number of Certified Nursing Assistant in which you work with has stayed the same, increased or decreased the results were amazing.  Of the readers that took our poll 45% answered that the number of CNAs stayed the same, 55% has increased and 0% decreased. 

With our aging population needing more care to see that our readers polled 55% has saw an increase this is great shift from what we have seen in the past few years. 

Several Certified Nursing Assistant leave one facility to go work for another.  CNA turnover is often associated to:

  • Feeling underappreciated
  • Feeling that professional opinions not being valued
  • Paid leave
  • Health benefits
  • Relationship with supervisors
  • Low job satisfaction

The estimated cost of turnover for one Certified Nursing Assistant= 2,285.08.  CNA turnover has a substantial effect on employee morale. Working with others you know creates a friendlier work environment. This leads to:

  • Better on job performance
  • Better team efforts
  • Improved employee retention

Plus, since Certified Nursing Assistants spend the most time with residents, they often build up relationships with them.  When turnover is high this can often have a negative effect on the resident as well.

In order to decrease turnover employers need to think how to retain workers.  What are some of the factors for retention:

  • Leadership visibility
  • Cared for Caregivers
  • Orientation, Career ladders, scheduling
  • Primary assignments
  • Rarely worked short

With our web poll it is great to see that maybe the turnover for CNAs is starting to shift in the right direction.  Whatever theses companies are doing, others should take notice. Because it makes a difference to the workers that is hired, the companies and the residents being cared for.