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Hawaii CNA II Training

Kaplolani community college in Hawaii offers an advanced CNA training program called the Adult Residential Care Home Operator or ARCH for short.

The Adult Residential Care Home Operator (ARCH) Training for Qualified Nurse Aides:

Nurse Aide Advanced Skills I and II. This course is a 100 hour series of courses  for experienced nurse aides who will be allowed to do skills such as dressing changes, tube feedings and assisting with sterile procedures under the supervision of an RN. The courses run over a 3 week period.

In order to qualify for the ARCH course Nurse Aides must have 6 months of working full-time experience in skilled nursing facility, home care or a hospital, or have finished NURS 16 may enroll in the Adult Residential Care Home courses in preparation of operating a care home. Before opening the home, they will need a total of a year of working experience.

Hawaii Advanced CNA Training

CNA Training Int'l
319 N Cane St
(808) 622-0110
(808) 218-4634

Kapi'olani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
After acquiring nurse aide certification or completing six months of full-time nurse aide work experience in a Medicare-approved facility, a nurse aide may apply to the Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) Adult Residential Care Home Operator (ARCH) program in order to establish a care home for residents who elderly and/or may be mentally ill, mentally disabled or have chronic diseases. The KCC ARCH Program consists of three courses: NURS 12 – ARCH Common Diseases, Diets and Medications; NURS 13 – ARCH Helping Therapies and Behavior Management; and NURS 14 – ARCH Regulations, Accounts and Community Resources.

Contact Person:
Florzena P. Venzon
1320 Kalani Street, Suite 288
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 848-9988
CNA II/Advanced CNA
This intensive course provides advanced skills for Certified Nurse Assistants. It is a step-up course geared towards those who wish to advance their knowledge in clinical skills. It is geared towards working in a hospital setting. It helps a CNA become more competitive and marketable when applying for a job.

Scope of Training
  • Administration of oxygen via nasal canula or simple mask.
  • Foley Catheter insertion, emptying and care, obtaining urine cultures, and UTI?s.
  • Internal tube feedings: continuous and intermit-tent, including different types of formulas,
       checking for residuals, administration of tube feeding, tube site care, and aspiration                 precautions.
  • Ostomy care, colostomy bags, and skin care around stoma.
  • Wound and skin care including prevention, accurate measurement, documentation, caring for and staging of pressure ulcers.
  • Basic EKG Class.
  • I.V. Insertion Class.

Classroom Instruction, Hands-on Training,3-Day Clinical Practicum at a Facility Setting, Use of all classroom supplies.Credentials Available