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The federal government requires both CNAs and Home Health aide to have at least 12 hours of continuing education a year.

Check with the state Department of Health (DOH) for your particular state requirements for continuing education and in-service training requirements.

Your particular place of employment may have other continuing education and training requirements.

California: CNA certificates expire every two years. During each two year period there are 48 hours of in-service training required. 12 of the 48 hours must be completed during the first year.

Florida: Nursing assistants certified in Florida must perform a minimum of 18 hours of in-service training each year. Every two years the continuing education must include HIV/AIDS infection control, medical record documentation, domestic violence, patient rights, medical error prevention safety, and CPR skills.

Georgia: Only CNAs working in a licensed Medicaid/Medicare facility must attend continuing education. A minimum of 12 hours is required each year, and must be provided by the facility itself.

Illinois:  At any point in time a Certified Nursing Assistant may be required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in all areas of required training. This is demonstrated by taking a written or action based exam. If it is determined that the CNA’s skills are inadequate, in-service training and review will be required until the CNA can demonstrate sufficient knowledge in every area of required training.

Indiana: Indiana’s facilities are required to conduct annual CNA reviews to detect any weak areas. If discovered, the facility must provide in-service training to address these issues. In addition, 12 hours of in-service training must be completed each year. The training must include patient rights, fire prevention, infection control and prevention, and needs of the specialized populations.
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