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How to Write A Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

Writing a CNA Resume does not have to be difficult.   We have listed below 5 steps to writing a good CNA resume.  If you are still having trouble we highly recommend

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Sample Certified Nursing Assistant resume

Step 1 
You want to provide your name, address, home telephone         number, cell phone number if you  have one and your               email address at the top of the resume so that your                   prospective employer can contact you.

Step 2 
The next section of the resume will be the objective.
CNA OBJECTIVE for resume:
A Full-time 6 a.m.- 2 p.m. position as a Certified Nursing           Assistant

Step 3 
The next section you will need to add is your Education.  You want to provide the name, address, telephone number and the dates that you attended.  You will also need to list your clinical experience.

School name
telephone numbers
date attened

CNA Clinical Experience:
Assisted with activities of daily living
Utilized Standard Precautions
Practiced  State safety standards

Step 4  
CNA work experience.  You will need to start with your current employer.  You will need to start by listing your current employers company name, address, and telephone number.  The you will need to add your position at the company, followed by your work duties.

CNA Work Experience:
Company name
Telephone number
job duties

Step 5 
The last section you will list your volunteer experience, awards received, your CNA. certification, and your CPR certification.

CERTIFICATIONS: list the schools name. address, telephone and your certification number or id
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