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CNA Skill Cleaning Dentures

Properly cleaning dentures or partials is one of the skills taught a CNA training centers.  It is an very important part of personal oral hygiene care that is necessary to be done correctly to guarantee the best oral mouth hygiene. Mouth care and denture cleaning is done as often as natural teeth care.

Dentures are a residents private property and are very costly.  Handle them with care.  Some people only remove their dentures at bedtime, while others may chose to remove them after every meal.

Dentures are made of a very slippery material.  Once you begin working a Certified Nursing Assistant and come across a patient/resident that needs denture care, it is important to place a wash cloth in the sink.  This will help prevent breakage in the event of dentures slipping onto the hard surface.  They should always be stored in cool water when not in use. Hot water has been known to warp dentures. 

Steps to Clean Dentures for the skills part of the CNA State Exam

  • Put on gloves
  • Place towel at the bottom of sink or basin before dentures is held over sink-This is incase dentures are dropped they are better protected against cracks and breakage that can cause bacteria growth
  • Rinse dentures in moderate temperature before brushing
  • Apply the proper denture cleaner product
  • Brush dentures
  • Rinse the dentures thoroughly
  • The denture cup will then need to be rinsed -fill cup with cool water
  • Place the dentures in the water
  • Rinse toothbrush and return it to designated area
  • Sink liner removed and disposed of
  • Remove gloves
  • After completing the skill, wash hands

Many people don' like to be seen without their dentures, so privacy is important.  Allow residents to clean their own dentures if possible if not clean dentures and return to them immediately. 
CNA Skill Video Cleaning Dentures