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CNA Skill Correctly Putting on a Pillowcase

Residents relax their head on pillows for the duration the night and sometimes throughout the day. They may brush as well as and bury their face on it and sometimes on occasion cough and sneeze. As a result it is merely natural that a pillow and pillow case is going to be hot spots of germs. What is unpleasant these germs have a tendency to lie embedded in the pillow. Pillows can be a supreme breeding environments for undesirables including MRSA and C.diff and influenza. 

Research by The Barts and The London NHS Trust have identified 30 different varieties of infection in a specimen of pillows taken from hospital wards, posing a substantial danger of infection.  As a CNA changing pillows and pillow cases to be  laundering rids us of harmful bacteria along with additional buildup patients may take in bed with them.

Pillows should face with the opening in the direction of the window.