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CNA Skill Video Count and Record Respirations

Respirations is the act of breathing air in and out. Respiration rate is measured to determine the number of times per minute a person breathes.  To record respirations you will count breaths taken.  Rapid and shallow respirations can be a signal of something wrong. This could be a sign that the patient has the inability of the lungs to take in oxygen and difficult breathing  This is why it is import to count and record respirations properly.

Steps to Count and Record Respirations

  • Explains procedure, speaking clearly, slowly
  • Observe the patient as they breathe, and count each rise and fall of the chest as one respiration
  • Counts respirations for one full minute
  • If you see any signs that the patient is having difficulty achieving regular, deep breaths, notify the nurse
  • Place Call bell device within reach
  • Wash hands before recording respirations
  • Record respirations
  • Report any abnormal recording