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CNA-Skill-Dressing Patient With an Affected Weak Right Arm

There are many of reasons why some clients may have a weakened right arm.  Strokes are one common cause of this.  It is important to learn the skill of dressing a client with an affected right arm the proper way.

Steps to Dress Client with Affected (weak) Right Arm

  • Explains procedure, speaking clearly, slowly
  • Provide Privacy by drawing curtain closed
  • Wash Hands
  • Apply Gloves
  • Ask client which shirt he/she would like to wear
  • Avoid overexposure of client , remove gown from unaffected side first, then remove from affected side – dispose of gown in soiled linen container
  • Assist to put the affected arm through the sleeve then unaffected side. Moving the clients body naturally avoiding force
  • Place call bell device within reach
  • After completing the skill, remove gloves
  • Wash hands