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CNA skills video-CNA Skill | Giving Modified Bed Bath

There are several reasons why a person made be required to have a modified bed bath.  Illnesses, injuries and individuals who are confined to bed are some of the instances where the person may benefit from a modified bed bath.  Those who may suffer from different types of dementias such as Alzheimer’s  often respond well to this type of bath. 

Once you are working as a CNA, bath time is when you will need to inspect the whole body for signs of  pressure sores, redness, rashes or any other unusual conditions.  Any of these conditions will need to be reported to the charge nurse. 

Steps to Give a Modified Bed Bath

  • Explains the procedure. Speak clearly and unhurriedly
  • All supplies need to be Gather up (wash pan, towels, wash cloth)
  • Wash Hands, dry and Apply your Gloves
  • Provide Privacy for patient/resident by drawing curtain closed
  • Fill wash pan with warm water
  • Before washing, check temperature of water – ask patient/resident to check for comfort
  • Start by removing the garments and place them in a soiled linen container
  • Beginning with eyes, start washing with wet wash cloth (no soap), different area of wash cloth needs to be used for each stroke, start with the inner then work your way to outer eye – wash and rinse the face and neck area
  • Pat face dry with the towel
  • Expose only one arm at a time and place towel underneath the arm
  • Apply the soap to wet wash cloth
  • Wash the hands arms and under the arms
  • Rinse and pat dry
  • Place a clean gown on
  • Empty, rinse and dry basin – place in storage
  • Dispose of linen in the soiled linen bin
  • Properly Remove gloves and thoroughly wash your hands
  • Place Call bell is within reach