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CNA Skill Measuring Output

One of the skills that Certified Nursing Assistant will need to learn as it will become a daily task while taking care of residents is to properly measure output.  It is vital that CNAs have to keep track on the daily urinary output of  certain resident to ensure whether their kidneys are fully healthy and well functioning or not.

To begin with, you must greet the resident in a polite way and describe the to the resident what you are going to do.  Every time you measure the urinary output of a resident you want to make sure you do it accurately. The record copied by a Certified Nursing Assistant helps the healthcare team in discovering the big or small complications involved in a residents condition throughout the treatment process.  The  recorded information helps in identifying any urinary dysfunctions, when they are in their early phases.

Urine contains microbes and can contain blood.  You must always follow standard precautions and the blood borne pathogen standard.

To monitor and record the urinary output correctly on a regular basis is an essential task of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

You will want to collect the follwing before you even begin

  • Graduate
  • Gloves
  • Paper towels

Steps to Measures and Records Urinary Output

  • Wash Hands
  • Put on gloves
  • Lay paper towels on floor and place graduate on top
  • Pour contents of bedpan into measuring container without spilling
  • Do not let the drain touch the graduate
  • Measures the amount of urine at eye level
  • Remove paper towel
  • Pour into toilet
  • Rinse container – pour into toilet
  • Clean and disinfect the graduate
  • Disposes of gloves
  • Record contents of container within +/- 25mm/cc of evaluators reading
  • Report and observances

Below is a video that shows a general idea of measuring output of a resident.  Always follow the procedure in you nurse aide skills book.