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CNA Skills | Passive Range of Motion Exercises

Every state will have a different amount of CNA skills that will need to be performed for the clinical portion of the exam.  There are plenty of resources out there for those who need a little extra practice in order to pass their exam. 

It is vital for you to pass the practical portion of the exam.  This shows employers that you have competency to perform these skills.  Without this you would be putting the employer as risk for legal action.  Especially since certified nursing assistants interact with all kinds of patients and their medical conditions. 

While you may have learned what to do in a classroom setting, actually dealing with the procedures is quite a different task.  You will find it much easier to carry out lessons on topics you’ve already gained familiarity with.  With plenty of practice it will help you keep the skills in mind and won’t be forgotten, which is a major deal when it comes time for your certification test.

We have listed step by step procedure to Perform Modified Passive Range of Motion exercises (shoulder).  Along with a video to help the CNA skills portion of the states exam.

Steps to Perform Modified Passive Range of Motion (shoulder)

  • Explains procedure, speaking clearly and slowly
  • Provided Privacy by drawing curtain
  • Wash Hands
  • Instruct client to inform if pain is experienced during exercise
  • Support the client’s upper and lower arm while performing range of motion for shoulder
  • Raise the client’s straightened arm from side position upward to ear level and returns down to side of body
  • (flexation/extension) at least 3 times unless pain is verbalized.
  • Move the client’s straightened arm away from side of body (abduction /adduction) at least 3 times.
  • Place call bell device within reach
  • Wash hands