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CNA Skill Providing Perineal Care for Female Patient

During CNA classes students will learn how to do proper perineal care for the female patient/ resident.  Perineal care is often done during a bath or most often as a separate procedure.

Providing proper perineal care for female patients/resident not only prevents skin breakdown of perineal area, it prevents itching, burning, body odor, and infections. This care is very important in maintaining a persons comfort. Frequent care is required for those who are incontinent or for those who have an indwelling catheters.  Certified nursing assistant will need to make the effort to respect the modesty of the patients/residents.

CNA Skills Steps to Provide Perineal Care (peri-care)

  • Explain procedure, speaking clearly and gently to patient/resident
  • Provide Privacy by drawing the curtain closed
  • Gather needed supplies
  • Check water for temperature and safety – have patient/resident verify the water for their comfort
  • Properly apply gloves
  • Place a pad under resident/client before your begin washing
  • Expose the perineal area without over exposing the person
  • Begin by applying soap to a wet wash cloth
  • Start by washing the area front to back, always using a clean area for each stroke
  • Gently Pat dry the genital area
  • next you will want to lightly turn the patient/resident to wash rectal area front to back
  • Pat dry
  • Reposition the patient/ client
  • Empty the wash pan. Then rinse and dry the basin
  • Place basin in storage
  • Dispose of all dirty towels and wash cloths
  • Remove gloves
  • Place the Call Bell/light device is within reach
  • Wash hands and dry hands