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CNA Skills: Wheelchair Transfer

The rules of good body mechanics apply when transferring residents.  You will need to make sure to arrange the room so that there is enough space for transfers. The be wheelchair and bed or chair needs to at the correct placement.

Steps to Transfer Client from bed to wheel chair using Transfer Belt
  • Explains procedure, speaking clearly and slowly to client
  • Provide Privacy is by drawing curtain
  • Position wheelchair at foot of bed facing head of bed
  • Fold up footrests on wheelchair
  • Lock wheels on wheelchair
  • Lock bed wheels
  • Put on client’s shoes
  • Provide instructions to enable client to assist in transfer including signal to alert them to stand
  • Stand facing client during transfer. Alert the client to stand on count of 3.
  • Help client to stand
  • Turn client and Lower client into wheelchair
  • Position client with hips touching the back of chair
  • Remove transfer belt
  • Position feet on foot rests
  • Call bell device is within reach
  • Wash hands
CNA Video Wheel Chair Transfer
What Does an Nurse Aide Examiner Monitor When You Demonstrate transferring a resident to a wheelchair?

  • If you properly wash your hands before starting the procedure.
  • Whether you apply the transfer belt correctly so that the patient is comfortable and does not face the risk of falling.
  • If you lock both the wheels of the wheelchair.
  • Whether you bring the level of the bed to the height which is convenient for the resident.
  • Do you remove the transfer belt after moving the resident to the wheelchair?
  • If you unlock the wheels of the wheelchair.
  • Whether you make the resident wear shoes ( nonskid footwear) before transferring him/her to the wheelchair.
  • If you ensure that the resident is comfortable, safe and his rights are maintained during the entire process.