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The Board of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Colorado approves the CNA training in the entire state.  Colorado states that prospective certified nursing assistants must have at least 80 hours of training. The requirements must be obtained in order to receive  Colorado CNA certification

  • Minimum of 75 traing hours
  • Minimum of 16 Clinical Hours

Will be required to pass a clinical competency evaluation. Such evaluation shall be in a written or oral form and shall include the following areas:

  • Basic nursing skills;
  • Personal care skills;
  • Recognition of mental health and social services needs;
  • Basic restorative services;
  • Resident or patient rights.

Training in CNA in the state of Colorado mandates
  • one has a current background check,
  • Two passport size photos,
  • Two fingerprint cards,
  • a negative Tuberculosis Test which must have been done within the last 6 months.
  • Interested candidates must also show proof of immunization
  • GED or high school diploma is also mandatory

Schools listed here currently offer CNA training In Colorado.  You will need to contact the school directly for more information about their CNA classes. 
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