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CNA Code of Ethics

Every CNA should follow the proper code of ethics for their profession and for the workplace they are employed at.  Ethics for certified nursing assistants is having the knowledge of what conduct that is right from wrong, how individual people should behave.  Ethics has a lot to do with morals.  It requires making the right choices for the residents you care for.

The Right Conduct for Certified Nursing Assistants

Certified nursing assistants must always follow their workplace policies and procedures
All nursing facilities must meet certain standards .  These standards are set forth by the federal and state government.  Nurse aides are required to fulfill these standards.  These standards include but not limited to:

  • Giving high quality care to residents that is provided in a safe manner
  • Protect the residents rights
  • Conducting yourself that is in a professional manner

Every CNA must know the limits of their role and responsibilities
Certified nursing assistants must understand their scope of practice. Some of the responsibilities may vary from state to state.  Before you perform any assignment you must make sure that the state in which you are certified allows you to do the task. You should never perform a task that you were not trained to do.

Nurse Aides may never perform any assignment that is not within the limits of their role
Performing assignments that are not in your scope of practice can lead to certification becoming revoked or suspended.  This not only puts the residents in risk for harm but also yourself.

Must implement the instructions of the nurse to the best of their ability
Carrying out assignments to the best of your ability means to only do the tasks that your state allows.  You must have training to do the task that you were assigned.  You must make sure that you have the knowledge and supplies to perform the task.

Must Complete the tasks in a safe manner
Safety is a priority when performing care to residents.  You must identify the resident before performing any task.   All tasks must be performed in a safe manner.

Respect the residents as an individual
There are many of things that make us up as individuals, such as are religious beliefs, education, cultural experience and even our occupation.  You should treat residents how you would want to be treated. You should never call your residents by names such as sweetie, honey, grandma or any other names other then their title.

Report any incidents immediately
All incidents such as accidents and errors must be reported immediately.  You must include what type of incident, who was involved, what errors were performed.  As soon as possible an incident report must be filled out.  This will include all that were involved, the date and time of the accident, a full detailed description and if there were any witnesses.

Must be accountable for your actions
You are accountable for your own behavior and the actions you while assisting the residents you care for and while assisting the nurse.  Never blame the actions your performed on someone else.

Protect the residents privacy, including keeping the residents information confidential
You must always keep the information about a resident confidential. Privacy is always used when giving care.  You are to never discuss the residents care or treatment except for with the supervising nurse. 

CNAs are never to accept money or gifts from the residents or their family
Money and gifts are never to be accepted from the resident of from their family. Accepting money or gifts may result in legal actions against you.

Every certified nursing assistants should abide by the code of ethics.  Use common sense about what you can do.   Do only what you were trained to do.