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CNA Responsibilities The Five Rights of Delegation for Certified Nursing Assistants

Certified nursing assistant must be competent in all nurse aide skills. This is considered your scope of duties or CNA responsibilities, the skill set that you were instructed in your state approved Certified Nursing Assistant program. You must never do anything outside of these skills.

Most often Delegation decisions are made based on a list of tasks found in the CNA career description, such as taking vital signs, bathing, or ambulating patients.  The nurse may only delegate tasks that he or she believes that the nurse aide has the knowledge and skill to perform. 

The Five Rights of Delegation for Certified Nursing Assistants

The Right Task
  • Before performing any assignment you must make sure that your state allows you to perform the task
  • Before performing any job you must be trained to perform the task
  • Is the assigned duty in the legal limits of your role and job description

The Right Circumstance
  • The CNA must have the experience performing the tasks on a resident with his or her condition and needs
  • The nurse aide must have an understanding of the purpose of the task given to the resident
  • You must be able to perform the task safely
  • You must be able to use equipment and supplies that are in a safe manner to perform the tasks
  • The Right Person
  • The CNA must perform the assigned task on the correct resident
  • Will need to have the appropriate training and experience to safely perform the task for the resident

The Right Communications and Directions
  • Do you understand the task the nurse assigned?
  • Was the nurses directions clear?
  • Did you review the assignment with the charge nurse?

The Right Supervision
  • The charge nurse should be available to answer any questions about the assignment
  • The nurse must be available if the residents condition changes or if any problems should occur

When it comes to delegation of the certified nursing assistant there are some things that a CNA should never do.

  • Never do anything you were not trained to do
  • You should never do a task you do not feel comfortable performing
  • Don’t do anything without the proper supervision
  • Never do anything that requires nursing judgment

A certified nursing assistant cannot delegate.  You can ask for help, but you cannot tell or ask for other to do your work.