The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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Certified Nursing Assistants: The Greatest Givers

Certified Nursing Assistants are the world’s greatest givers. They have a deep inner strength and a very compassionate heart.  Often giving far more than then they could  ever dream of receiving. Professional caregiving is a tough job, and most CNAs would agree with me. They set aside their personal needs so that they can give the best care their residents need.

CNAs have come to realize that time and resources are limited, so they frequently figure out ways to do more with less, and get more mileage out of their day.  They become skilled at multitasking better, to streamline their assignments better.  They start to skip lunches, forget to drink and hydrate ourselves, and hardly ever take bathroom breaks. The majority put themselves aside for the sake of the residents.

Throughout our careers, Certified Nursing Assistant continue to demonstrate that they are givers, by not only living out our higher calling, but by choosing to stay and remain in this line of work.  The list is endless of the ways we show this determination and dedication to our residents.

Personally, I am truly thankful to you, to all of the Certified Nursing Assistants and direct care workers, for the many sacrifices that you have made. We realize that things aren’t quite like the textbooks explain, and that maybe not every resident always gets the right amount of attention and effort devoted to them that each deserves.  However we do our best to provide the utmost care to our residents.

I thank and appreciate you for all for enduring those difficult moments you may encounter.  For the long hours, all of the deaths you mourned, for being there for the residents and family, for being strong leader and all of the times you advocated for the residents. Be proud of yourself and accept this overdue expression of appreciation you so deserve.

Tomorrow we will again show our determination to still care when we put those scrubs on, or answer the call light, or cry with a family.  Hope you are very humbled and proud to be able to say that you are a member of this amazing profession.  Know that you are well appreciated and in all the hearts of those who may not been able to communicate their appreciation over the years.