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Expanding Your Ability As a CNA

There are a variety of ways in which certified nursing assistants can expand their skill set. One method is to obtain additional certifications. Expanding one's skill set as a CNA can be very beneficial for your career. Not only can this allow you to receive a higher salary, this can also allow you more employment opportunities. 

There have been initiatives to have the profession improved through emphasis on education, testing, and upgrading. This has generated new healthcare professions which are a step up from current standards. Some of  these include Patient Care Technicians, CNA2, Home Health Aides as well as others.

These upgrades allow nursing assistants to perform more advanced procedures such as phlebotomy, dispensing medication, EKG readings and gastric tube feeding. These are just a few of the integral skills needed to care for elderly and convalescent patients.

Additional Certifications

Patient Care Technicians
As a Patient Care Tech you will have many different roles in a medical office.  The roles that define you will also be what shapes the salary that you will command.  To become a PCT you will need to obtain phlebotomy and EKG certifications. 

Home Health Aide
A certified nursing assistant can also obtain certification to work in a home health agency as a home health aide (HHA). Every home health aide either travel to the home of a patient or live in the patient's home and provide extensive daily care.  In some states no additional training is needed.  However, certain states will require additional amount of training.

Medication Aide
There are also medicine aide certifications. To become a certified medicine aide in most states individuals must be employed as a CNA for at least a year and have completed a state approved medicine aide course. This is generally a  certification program that can be completed in a very short amount of time.

The next step is to find an accredited educational provider, such as a community college or a certified medical facility from where you can expand your abilities. There may be circumstances in which the employer will offer the certified nursing assistant the education on the job to gain additional skills.  This should be taken advantage of if offered by an employer.  Your current employer may be best equipped to provide you with the knowledge and training that you need for you to advance your career. 

With need for more competent people in the healthcare field, hospitals, medical institutions, caring and nursing homes are looking for certified nursing assistants that can do a wide variety of skills on the job.