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Express Appreciation To Certified Nursing Assistants

It’s the annual National Nursing Assistants’ Week! This week 15-22 is set aside this year in June to recognize the CNAs who have devoted their lives to the welfare of others. Not only do they play a significant role in the healthcare field by providing direct patient care, they are the front line of patient care and are vital to daily operations in hospitals and nursing care facilities.

Certified Nursing Assistants have the one of the most hardest and laborious job in the healthcare profession.  It is the responsibility of nursing assistants to aid, comfort and support the patients. They also assist the nursing and medical staff in their duties.

Employers have a vital role in making nursing assistants feel appreciated. They should understand the fact that the demand for good professional caregivers is very high and need to work hard to keep them in the medical facility.

Ways to Show Appreciation to CNAs

Complementary luncheon
Organize a complementary lunch or a staff appreciation potluck dinner and movie for all Certified Nursing Assistant in the facility to express gratefulness.

Hand out Awards
Schedule an awards ceremony and give hand out unique awards, like “Most Enthusiastic” or “Most Reliable.

Gift Cards
Handing out gift cards is another great option.  Gift cards for local restaurants or uniform shops locally or online.

Make a Gift Basket
Make a basket prepared with energy bars, snacks lotions and other items that CNAs would appreciate.

Send Flowers and A Thank You Note
Sending flowers and a personalized card is a classic way to express appreciation. A card can be kept as a reminder that the CNA you appreciate is always respected during times of high stress.

Give Certificates
CNAs are typically on their feet all day and work with their hands, why not give out give out gift certificates for a manicure and a pedicure. 

Dinner or a Snack Bar
Ordering take out such as pizza or having snacks in the break room is another great option.  Most often CNAs can’t leave the floor and their lunch is frequently cut short. Having food already provided for them will greatly be appreciated. 

Certified Nursing Assistants Week is a time and opportunity to remind any CNA in your life that he or she is appreciated and needed everyday and not for this week.

We, at 4CNAs-The Online Magazine for Certified Nursing Assistants, invite you to join us in our acknowledgment of Nursing Assistants for their hard work and dedication to their patients and the healthcare field as a whole.  Do you have a CNA that you would like to send a thank you to?  How will you celebrate CNA week? Share with us on our Facebook page here.