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Give Your Feet a Break! How CNAs Can Relieve Pain After a Long Shift

Certified Nursing Assistants are on the go all day, everyday... Lifting walking, or even running, taking care of residents. Taking care of individuals can be quite stressful, however most don’t realize how painful your feet and legs are until after the shift is over and when you finally sit down. The following tips will help you the caregiver relieve foot and leg pain after a exhausting shift.

Shoe Change
We have listed shoe change at the top of the list because we feel that it is the most important thing you can do for your feet and legs.  When selecting for shoes to work in as a nursing assistant, it is important that you consider the element of comfort and fit. As CNAs you have to run around and care for different patients with ease.  There are a wide variety in the market that may suit you depending on your likes and preference. We have listed what we feel like and others have commented on as being hailed as the top Ten CNA work shoes on the market.

Lose Weight
People may not realize the pressure they put on their feet as a result of being overweight. Less body weight will lower the pressure exerted on your feet.  Although a losing weight can't guarantee that you won't suffer a foot-related injury at some time during your life, it can however certainly help decrease your risk.

Pedicure Treat
Treat yourself to a pedicure. Make a habit of frequently visiting your local beauty parlor. You will not only feel relaxed, but also have early Detection of Problems. Some of the benefits of a regular pedicure include

Decreases Chances of Infections
Exfoliates the Feet
Promotes Circulation
Relaxes the Body

Soak your Feet
Soak your feet in Epsom salt water. Preparing it is not difficult. You will only need warm water and Epsom salt. This solution will draw out excess lactic acid, waste products helping relieve pain and inflammation. The pain on your joints and muscles will be eased as a result of the magnesium present in the warm water.

Stretch your Feet
CNAs can benefit from stretching their feet at the end of each shift. Just as you would stretch any muscle in your body, it’s important to stretch your feet after a long day of activity.

Certified Nursing Assistant need to be in a good and healthy state to effectively and efficiently care for residents. Hopefully these tips will keep your feet pampered and healthy.