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El Dorado County California Home Health Aide Training

The home health aide training in El Dorado California teaches individuals to be responsible for observing patients, reporting these observations and documenting observations and care performed while performing the home care visit.  The job involves providing direct care to patients in their homes who are typically disabled or elderly. 

The Home Health Aide in El Dorado will be assigned in a manner that promotes quality, continuity and safety of a patient's care.  This profession is for those who have a strong desire to help others and have compassion for them, are dependable and have a positive attitude. 

A worker must be state certified in order to provide personal care through a regulated agency under a physician-ordered treatment plan.

The state sets home health aide training requirements high at 120 hours. However, those who are already California Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) can enroll in 40 hour HHA programs.

The CA HHA will need to complete at least 12 CEUs/ in-service training hours a year. CEUs are to be earned through approved providers.

California HHA Certification Renewal Requirements:
The CA Home Health Aide certificate typically expires two years after it was initially approved, on the certificate holder’s birthday. In order to maintain a certificate, the
HHA must renew the certificate every two years, and receive a fresh criminal record clearance. The renewal form can be obtained from the state of California.

If a Home Health Aide does not renew a certificate within four years after its expired, the certificate cannot be renewed, restored, reissued, or reinstated. The only way to renew a certificate after four years is to complete a second certification training program.

Below is the current listing of classes provided in El Dorado.

HHA Classes in EL Dorado CA

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