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How to Become a Certified Medication Aide in Kentucky

Certified Medication Aides in Kentucky are responsible for administering daily medications under the supervision of a licensed nurse to residents in long term care facilities. 

Kentucky Medication Aide Scope of Practice
Kentucky Medication aides are required to study several different classifications of pharmaceuticals as well as their side effects. They also need to know the dangers associated with combining certain medications and what to do in case of an overdose.

Certified medication aides administer oral, inhalation as well as topical medicines to residents of long term facilities. They not only observe patients for drug reactions they are required to report any problems to the charge nurses. Medication aides observe the residents vital signs, determine medication dosages and stock the medication cart. They also record what medications were given for shift and the amount of dosage in the nurse’s medication administration record (MAR) chart.

You will need to gain a certified nursing assistant certification before you can become a medication aide in Kentucky. To become an State Registered Nurse Aide, individuals must successfully complete a state-approved training program and competency exam.

You will then need to gain work experience as a nurse aide. Individuals must work as CNA in a health facility for at least six months prior to applying as a medication aide. It is your responsibility to keep records of your work experience.

Medication Aide training classes are generally around 8-12 weeks in length.  The cost will vary from school to school ranging any where from 400-900 dollars. Most classes in Kentucky have certain requirements prior to enrolling.

All of the things mentioned in this section must be completed PRIOR to the first day of a Kentucky Certified Medication Aide class

Trainees must provide evidence of successful completion of the State Registered nurse Aide class.
Individuals must be employed as a Kentucky State Registered Nurse Aide a minimum of six months prior to enrolling in the class
Must currently have a high school diploma, GED, or TABE and score at the 10th grade level in reading and mathematics.
Enrollees must be able to provide the documentation that you have met the minimum tests scores in Reading and Math

    COMPASS math score of 34 or above
    COMPASS Reading score of 76 or above    OR

Have at least a composite score of 16 or better on the ACT

There may be other class requirements prior to enrolling such as a TB skin test and the Hepatitis B vaccination. 

Once you become certified as a medication aide, your CNA certification on the Kentucky state nurse aide registry will be modified to reflect your medication aide specialization.