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How to Get Approval to Challenge The CNA Exam in Missouri

There are steps individuals can take to challenge the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam in Missouri.  First individuals will need to meet particular criteria before getting the approval to challenge the final CNA examination rather then taking the entire course. This is great news for health care professionals to begin working immediately in the state.

Criteria to Get Approval to Challenge the CNA Exam

  • Individuals who are currently listed as active on their state's nurse aide register and that are in good standing on that register may submit the following documentation: a copy of their out-of-state nursing assistant certificate. If the current active dates or employments dates are not tracked on your state's register individuals must present evidence of employment verification within the last 2 years) or
  • For individuals that were educated in a LTC unit of a hospital and those who have been employed there for at least twelve (12) months can present the following records: a copy of hospital training and a letter verifying dates of employment and position held) or;
  • Any individuals whose educational background, and training in gerontology and health occupations includes the components of the approved training set of courses may challenge the exam after taking those portions of the course as determined to be essential based upon evaluation of their credentials by the supervisor of Health Education, Division of Senior Services and Regulation or;
  • Individuals that are listed on the State of Missouri Certified Nurse Assistant Registry on inactive status (submit the following documents: a copy of their certificate) or
  • Persons trained in acute care sections of hospitals, such as nurse aides or those who trained as psychiatric aides may challenge the examination after;
  • completing the orientation module with special prominence relating to geriatric residents' needs and orientation to the facility, and;
  • completing the one hundred (100) hours of on-the-job educational training in a LTC facility or long-term care unit of a hospital. (submit the following documentation: a copy of the hospital training and a letter verifying dates of employment and position held and/or copy of psychiatric certificate.)

Those who meet any of the above state requirements to challenge the CNA exam in Missouri can submit a written request to the DHSS at

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Attn: Health Education Unit
PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

Phone: 573-526-5686
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:45 pm
Fax: 573-526-7656

Every request must include a clear copy of the your social security card; a return address, a daytime telephone number and all additional documentation.

Missouri CNA Exam

The Certified Nursing Assistant exam in Missouri consists of written and practical skills.  The two part final state examination includes a written (or oral) and skills exam. Some of the topics that may be covered include: resident/client safety and rights, psychological problems of residents/clients and the methods of providing care for the mentally confused residents.

If your looking for other options rather then challenging the CNA exam in Missouri, you may want to look into a free certified nursing assistant training.  This can be a great option for those who haven’t worked in the health care field for several years.  There are opportunities where you can be paid while you are being trained, an added bonus.