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How to Reinstate an Expired CNA Certification in New York State

New York offers many great opportunities among healthcare skilled professionals, especially, those who are Certified Nursing Assistants. The state requires that all CNAs maintain a current license to be eligible to work.

Your certification remains current as long as you can provide evidence that you were paid for a minimum of seven hours of work as a CNA within the last two years.  However, whatever the reason may be, some certified nursing assistants in New York may have let their certification lapse.  If this is the case, there certain steps that they must take in order to reinstate an expired CNA certification in the state.

For those who have let their certification lapse, must complete a registry form, which is through the New York State Department of Health.

Steps to Take to Reinstate an Expired CNA Certification in New York

  • Print and complete the New York registry application form. You  will want to include your name, work status and information about your criminal record, if applicable. In Section 1, under the heading "Certification Route," check the box for "Route 6: Trained and Lapsed." You will need to provide your original certification number in the space given.
  • For those of you who are employed, will want to ask their employer to complete Section 4.
  • Mail the application and the check or money order to Prometric  the third-party agency that handles Nurse Aide certifications for the state of New York.

Address your envelope to:
ATTN: NY Nurse Aide Program
1260 Energy Ln.
St. Paul, MN 55108

Nursing Assistants play a vital role in many New York Communities. They are much highly sought after due to the great increase in their need among nursing homes, and private residence care. Therefore keeping your certification up to date is very import to remain eligible to continue to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state.