The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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NIGHT SHIFT: Certified Nursing Assistants Share Their Spooky Encounters

The Freakiest thing I ever saw!

Its fun to get a little scared time to time, but these Certified Nursing Assistants got seriously spooked on the job.

"Me and my co worker was waiting on report from our nurse one night when we both out of the corner of our eye see what we both referred to as black sand going under a residents door.  Both residents in the same room died wthin a few hours of each other that night"

Sarah CNA, Colorado

"I was called in one night to work a split shift at a local hospital.  When I got there I didn't see any of the workers so I started down the hall when I seen a nurse come out of a room starting to go into another room.  I tried to get her attention, letting her know I was there, she just turned at me and smiled and went on in the room.  When I got down the hall and entered the room she disappeared.  When I did find the other workers and told them what happed they were like you just seen so and so our ghost on the floor."      Anonymous

"Normally working the day shift, I agreed to come in on a night shift.  I ended up on a floor that I have never worked before.  While making my rounds, I encountered a female resident who keep referring to me as her son. Calling me by his name.  I explained to her that I wasn't her son, I was new to this floor and was taking care of her this night.  I didn't really think more of it because working in a nursing home its not uncommon for us to get referred to as residents family members or friends of theirs.  But as the night went on, she became worse. Not only calling me by her sons name, but also crying and telling me not to go she didn't want to drive home.  As the shift was coming to a end, the nurse on our floor received a phone call that morning telling her that the residents son had been in a car wreck and was killed"
                                               David CNA, Kentucky

" I had a resident keeping pushing their call light, asking me to make the black man in the corner of the room to leave. He died that night."
                                                                                 Marsha CNA, NY

"I was taking care a young resident who had been at the nursing home for several years.  He had been injured playing football in his late teens. One Friday night while working a pizza delivery man came to the front desk where someone had placed an order. He claimed that the call came in to room ***.  We explained to him that this was inpossible since there is no phone and that resident was in a coma like state.  After making sure that no one else had placed the order, the pizza delevery man left.  Later that night the resident passed on.  It wasn't until several months later when his mother can to the facility with a pizza for the workers on that floor that she told us that every friday she and her son would go get pizza after his football game. She told us that was their thing that they did together"
                                     Meagan CNA, Arkansas