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New Hampshire CNA Scholarships

In New Hampshire finding free CNA training classes can prove to be quite a task.  Although the classes are relatively short, funds to pay for your nurse aide schooling isn’t necessarily easy to come up. This shouldn’t discourage anyone from following their career path.  If this is a career that you are passionate about entering, then its time to find out what is available to you.

To help we have compiled a listing New Hampshire CNA scholarships for you. You will be obligated to meet specific requirements and agree to certain terms in order to receive the free certified nursing assistant training can can be made available from the scholarships that the training centers have to offer. The scholarships we have below will give you an idea of the certified nursing assistant opportunities that are available to you.

To see if they are currently accepting applicants for their scholarships at this time and to find out whether or not you would be eligible for the program contact the scholarships programs directly for more information.

Direct Connect Scholarship program
This scholarship is unique because it is neither a merit nor a need base scholarship. Everyone can apply. The community colleges of New Hampshire came together to provide this scholarship. This scholarship will pay up to $2,500 dollars toward your CNA training. To apply for this scholarship call (603) 271-6783.