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New Jersey Medication Aide Reciprocity, Recertification and Lapsed Certification

You have received your Medication aide certification in New Jersey, however you may still have questions regarding keeping your qualifications active.  What do you do if you have let your certification lapse? Or your just moving to the state and want to know if you can transfer your CMA official recognition to New Jersey.  Below we have made it easy by answering some of these frequently asked questions for you.

MA Reciprocity in New Jersey
New Jersey does NOT reciprocate with any other state’s medication aide program. There are several places where you can get certified in the state. You can find a listing of active medication aide training programs in New Jersey here.

To recertify your Medication Aide certification, you must be currently certified in New Jersey as a CNA, HHHA or PCA.

Additionally, you must:

  • Complete 10 hours of continuing education, seminars or in-service training every two years certification period
  • Complete five hours of review of the fundamental principles, skills and knowledge for the task of medication administration.
  • Complete five hours of training on topics of current drug use relevant to the elderly.
  • The facility in which you work will keep records of your continuing education hours for at least one renewal period (two years). Medication aides should request copies of their continuing education records from facilities in the event that employment changes.

Lapsed Certification
If your CMA certification has lapsed for less than a one-year period, you must explain in writing why your certification has lapsed and include along with this information your:

Social Security Number
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Nurse Aide Certification Number
Certified Medication Aide Number
Reporting a Lost Certificate or Updating Information
Call PSI toll-free number at 1-877-774-4243.

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