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Oncology Certified Nursing Assistants

One of the areas that CNAs can find employment and work is on the Oncology Unit.  If you are working on this unit you will often be called an Oncology CNA. 
The work environment of Oncology CNAs is mostly at a hospital or the specialty hospitals. Sometimes, you may work in the medical offices, nursing facilities or even in the patient's home. Certified Nursing Assistants working in Oncology work with people of all ages since the cancer itself can occur to the people in all ages.

How to become an Oncology CNA

The process to become an Oncology Certified Nursing Assistant is relatively simple.  First you must become a CNA.  If your already certified you’re in luck.  The next step is to start simply start applying for jobs in your area that cater to those who have cancer. 

What are the Duties of Oncology Nurse Aides?

While oncology CNAs are responsible for a broad range of tasks, the job duties are no different than working anywhere else. Because of those with Cancer taking treatment are often more susceptible to all kinds of illnesses one of the primary duties of the CNAs working on those wards is to keep all equipment sterilized.

You will also be required to take and recording vital signs and providing personal care to clients such as

  • Assisting Patients with Bedpans and Urinals
  • Changing and Cleaning Bedpans and Urinals
  • Making Beds and Changing Linen
  • Serving Meals and Feeding Patients
  • Helping Patients Dress and Groom Themselves
  • Preparing Patients for Oncology Treatments
  • Transporting Patients to Various Wings in the Facility

Communication with Patients

Communications is just as important are the care that you provide your patients. By getting to know your patients better it can help you better recognize any changes in their behavior or any signs of physical changes that may occur. 

The fight against cancer can be stressful to not only the patient but to the family and healthcare team as well.

Does this sound like a rewarding career to you? If so, it is well within reach. Be sure to look at the options for CNA training which are available and take advantages of the many resources that you’ll find here.