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Start the New Year with a New Career- Career Advancement for the CNA

When certified nursing assistants think about advancing their career, the most obvious choice is to become a licensed practical nurse (lpn) or enrolling in a registered nurse (RN) course.  There are however a few options for those who may not want to go this route.  There are other career choices for career advancement for the certified nursing assistants without having to go to nursing school.  Several career ladder advancement programs in this field do exist.

Not all states offer these career advancement opportunities for the nursing assistant.  If your lucky enough to live in one of the states that does, this can mean more career advantages.  This may include an increase in salary and opportunities to learn and work in different areas of the health care sector.

The career advancement programs for nursing assistants may include CNA 2 training, restorative nursing assistant, acute care nurse aide, home health aide and patient care technician training.

The states that do offer CNA II training require that a nurse aide first have successfully completed the first level of education.  You may also be required to have a certain amount of experience working in the field, before you can even apply for the advanced courses.

This training is most often taught by licensed therapists, such as physical and occupational, speech language pathologists and sometimes a prosthetics specialists. With this course the student will learn transfer and ambulation techniques, range of motion exercises, and the use of assistive devices.

Acute Care
Students taking this class course will learn the basic nursing skill sets and the duties in the acute care setting.  Few offer the educational course with additional emphasis on the specialized acute care areas such as medical/surgical, orthopedics, pediatrics and obstetrics.

Home Health Aide
In some states all you need to work as a home health aide is your current CNA certification.  However, some states such as California and Kansas certified nursing assistants may become duel certified with additional training.

Patient Care Technician
With this course the student will learn skills in phlebotomy and Electrocardiography.  With this training students will then be considered as  multi-disciplinary technical workers.  Some of the patient care technician classes will offer a first aid and CPR course along with the program.

If enrolling in a career advancement class for the CNA interest you, check with your state to see what opportunities exist.  This can be a great opportunity for those who are looking for more multifaceted job responsibilities and to advance their career as a certified nursing assistant.