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Because of the pandemic due to Covid-19 healthcare facilities along with other businesses have been strained.  Healthcare facilities throughout the US have become overwhelmed with patients, while at the same time, being understaffed. The temporary nurse aide class was was made available by AHCA/NCAL to ease this issue and shortage.  For those interested the class is free for the temporary nurse aide course.

This 8-hour free online training, in combination with the on-site training you will get at the facility where you are hired, will prepare you to work as a Temporary Nurse Aide, a temporary position intended to address the current state of emergency. 

Currently, the 8-hour training program meets standards in these states:  
Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia 

Additional training or other actions may be required in these states:
Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee

What Does a Temporary Nurse Aide Do?

The Temporary Nurse Aide will help to provide aspects of resident care that include:

  • Activities of Daily Living
        Bathing, Oral Care, Grooming - Shaving and Nail Care, Dressing and Undressing
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Positioning, Moving, and Restorative Care
  • Nutrition and Elimination
  • Comfort Care and End of Life Care

How long does it last

The temporary nurse aide deadline is remains up in the air, as things are constantly changing due to the pandemic. The temporary certificate will likely last as long as the pandemic is present, so individuals will still have time to utilize it. It is still temporary, so you will have to eventually take a full Nursing Assistant class to become a CNA and placed on the state nurse aide registry. The temporary nurse aide certificate does not allow you to take the state examination. You can only sit for the state exam by completing a full CNA program.

What happens after I take the temporary CNA class?

After you complete the temporary 8 hour CNA class and take the test, you will be able to print a temporary nurse aide certificate that you can present to possible employers. Once a facility agrees to hire you they will test how well you know the skills that were shown during the class, so be sure to practice.

What places will hire me with a temporary nurse aide certificate?

While this waiver is was put in place federally, it is still up to each facility to accept it or not. Most if not all facilities are aware of the temporary nurse aide training because it is a way to help them and their facility. You can apply to any nursing home or hospital facility with the certificate. Other options for employment can include mental health and hospice facilities.

What do I do when the pandemic is over?

When the pandemic is gone then, likely, the temporary waiver will go with it. You will need to start looking at options to get fully certified as a nurse assistant if you want to continue to work at the facility as a CNA. One option would be to talk to the facility that you are working for.  The facility may help you cover the cost of you becoming completely certified. They will likely be willing to do it because they wouldn’t want to loose you as an employee.
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