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The 5 Best Gifts to Give to CNAs

Whether your planning on buying a gift for a coworker or a friend or family member who is a certified nursing assistant there are a few things to keep in mind.  CNAs are often on there feet all day working long hours, giving care to others.  Gifts that will appeal to those who work in this field are things that are meaningful that shows how much you appreciate and care for the hard work they do.  If you are planning on buying a gifts this season there are rules you should follow this holiday, first

Stick to a Budget
By setting a reasonable budget this will allow you to stay clear of more expensive gifts.  This will help you keep your finances in order, so you wont be allowing yourself to go broke at the start of the new year. 

Dont Spend More Then You Can Afford
If you can’t afford to buy gifts, don’t do it.  Most family and coworkers will understand, that if its not in your budget and you cant afford it, don’t go out and spend what you don’t have. 

Give Gifts That Show Thought
If the gift is for a coworker, then you understand how difficult the job entails.  You should take into consideration what your coworkers would really want.  What would your coworker truly appreciate?  What does your coworker or friend nee?

Be Considerate of Other Peoples Beliefs
Not everyone celebrates the holiday season.  Their beliefs and cultures may be differrent then yours.  You should never make your coworkers who choose not to celebrate holidays uncomfortable or make them feel that they are obligated to join in on the gift giving.

Now that you know what rules to follow when giving gifts to certified nursing assistants, but what are the best gifts to give.  We have listed what we feel are the 5 best gifts that any CNA would love to receive this holiday season.

1. Name Badges
Name badges are relatively inexpensive and with so many choices out there, they can be personalized to fit anyone’s personally.  Whether your coworker or friend likes smurfett  superman, hello kitty or any other character there is something out there for everyone. Not sure what they are into, a simple title badge works great.

2. Gift cards
Gift cards are a great option.  There are so many online uniform and scrubs stores to choose from.  Are there a particular shop the certified nursing assistant likes to shop at?  Maybe they are a sports fan.  Several online companies that sell team merchandise sell team nursing scrubs.  How about a gift card to a restaurant?  Do you notice that the CNA likes to eat out at a particular place? 

3. Thermal Bottles
This is another great option.  Thermal bottles can also be personalized with the CNA title, or their name.  There are several to choose from to fit any certified nursing assistants likes.

4. Pedicure gift certificate
Certified nursing assistants are on their feet for most of the shift, often times never getting to take a break.  As a results several nurse aides complain of tired and achy feet.  What a better way to show how much you care, buy gifting them a pedicure gift card to a local place.

5. Totes
More and more certified nursing assistants are taking their lunch to work, trying to pack car keys, cell phones, jackets and other items that they may need.  Totes are a great way for them to carry all of the stuff in one convenient bag.

I hope to found some great ideas for your certified nursing assistant that may be on your list this holiday season.