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The CNA Exam After Your Certification Expires

A CNA's profession is often times more demanding in comparison with that of a nurse. You may find yourself quite frequently on your feet and from the time your shift begins to the time it ends, you are often times always on the go. Certified nursing assistants are taking care of patients non-stop and ensuring each of their particular needs are met. The training to become a nursing assistant is derived from classroom study and also clinical practice. At the end of your training there is a state performance test which is designed to test your knowledge for the skills that you have acquired.  Students must pass this examination so that they can be eligible to apply for their certification.

In accordance with the federal laws and regulations, CNA courses are a minimum of 75 hours long and then a mandated 16 hours of on hands-on training that is supervised by your teacher or instructor. Some states require longer classes.  Students are given 3 different chances to succeed at the exam, as soon as you pass, you are going to be included in the nurse registry as Active.  In the event that your license expires, you are going to have to go through CNA testing once more based on precisely what your state requires.

Check Your State Requirements

The first step to renewing your expired certification is to make contact with the State Board of Nursing to understand what the state necessitates you to do for expired license's. There are a few states which may simply make you pay a higher payment in case it is not long past being expired, while various states may make you re-take the state exam to re-demonstrate your comprehension of the skills you have learned. You will discover some states that will mandate that you take the competency along with the clinical portion of the evaluation, while some will merely make you take one part of the test once again.

Re-Take the Test if Needed

In the event that the state you happen to be in entails that you re-take the test, set up a time to re-take the test. For anybody who is presently employed as a CNA, consult with your employer to assist you reschedule the test. A few places will test you themselves and it will still count. There are some places that is not going to allow you to continue on working until your license is back in Active standing.

There are some states that will make you pay the testing fee once again and some states may not.  Generally students will be permitted to re-take the testing exam up to 3 times. This is the reason why it is important to make sure you keep on top of renewing your certification. This eliminates being required to re-take the exam. You will be required to receive a minimum of 24 continuing education hours which might be also referred to as CEUs. You can take some of these either online or at the facility you find yourself employed in.

Being employed as a Certified nursing assistant is beneficial in several ways, and your CNA registry should always be up-to-date. It eliminates requiring you to encounter the testing stage and keeps you in good standing with your employer.