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By Andrew Miller
When working as a certified nursing assistant, one of the most important things to get used to is the teamwork aspect of the job. Working as a certified nursing assistant means that you will be working with other people; other CNAs, other nurses, doctors and indeed with the patients and their families as well. If you can't work in a team, this job is not suitable for you and you'll be miserable in it as well.

Working with Other CNAs

In much of your job, you will find yourself working with other nursing assistants, comparing notes and buoying your confidence and energy. When you have good nursing assistants to work with, the job becomes a little easier because of the support you get. One bad apple though can ruin the lot; an older CNA who is more jaded, one who cheats the system or a plain nasty one can make the job a lot harder to deal with. Be aware of this and ready to deal with it should it come up.

Working with Other Medical Staff

The second part of your job, you will be reporting in to a nurse or doctor with your information and anywhere you need to work. It's important to get along well with the other medical staff, not only because they are your supervisors, but also because you should feel comfortable bringing them information, questions, and issues you're having. If you have nasty or difficult medical staff to work with, your job will be that much harder to deal with.

Patients and Family

The final group of people in your team will be the patients and their families themselves. There's not a lot you can do via being with certain types of people, but you can do your best to make the situation as pleasant as possible by being friendly, cheerful and helpful as well as doing your job in an efficient and caring manner. Dealing with the family and patients is the same as dealing with other team mates; they are there to get care, answers and help and you are there to help provide it and by doing so, the job becomes easier and more satisfying overall.

Working as part of a team is a huge part of working as a certified nursing assistant. There are plenty of people to work with and the job is much easier and more enjoyable when you have others to spend the time with. If you're considering this line of work, make sure that you are willing to work with others all day, every day.

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The Importance of Teamwork As a CNA