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The Nurse Aide Registry

In 1987, the ferderal goverment passed a law entitled The Omnibus Reconcillation Act.  This law mandated that a Registry be kept on certified nursing assistants in each state.  The Nurse Aide Registry is in charge of the CNA Training and the CNA state exam competency evaluation programs.  The nurse aide registry is also in charge of updating and maintaining records of client abuse and neglect, revoking a certified nursing assistant's certification in such cases.  The individual's name is permanently listed on the registry along with the specific findings.

The Nurse Aide registry includes:

  • Full Name  
  • Address 
  • Social Security number   
  • Any findings of abuse/neglect

Employers use the state's Nurse Aide Registry to verify a nurse aide's eligibility to work.  To work as a certified nursing assistant, your status on the CNA registry must be active, without any charges of resident abuse, neglect, or misappropriation.

You need to contact the nurse aide registry when:

  • Name Changes 
  • Move to another state
  • Nurse Aide Registry Verification
  • CNA Certification renewal
  • Copy or duplicate of your nurse aide certificate

How do you remain active on the nurse aide registry?

Initially, the expiration date is 24 months from the date the individual successfully completed the competency evaluation/test.  Once on the registry, the following conditions must be met:

  • Work is for monetary compensation.
  • Work is as a nurse aide, performing direct patient care.
  • Work is under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Total time worked equals eight (8) hours or more every 24 months in a nursing home, hospital, home health agency, hospice agency, or mental health facility. This may varies from state to state.

Contact information for all of the Nurse Aide Registries