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What you Can Do To Winter Proof your Hands

Working as a certified nursing assistant we wash our hands more then we probably blink.  As a result, this can cause hands to become dry and irritated.  Having dry hands makes us more susceptible to cracks, skin tears, scratches, and abrasions than well-hydrated skin, which can ultimately let in germs and potentially lead to skin infection and illness. It is extremely important to protect the skin on your hands, because it is the first step in protecting the health of your entire body.

The barrier that protects your hands is made up of proteins, lipids, and oils. So, by your washing your hands frequently, you could be zapping away the natural oils that are found on your hands. 

Prevention is the key in keeping your hands healthy.  Try these tips to keep your hands healthy before there is a problem.

Warm Water
Washing your hands in hot water may be tempting when its cold outside, but washing in hot water can cause the skin on your hands to loose major moisture.  Use lukewarm water with a moisturizing type soap that will prevent drying out your hands like ordinary soap can.

Moisture your hands as often as you can.  Especially before you even notice your hands becoming dry.  Look for products that keep your natural oils from evaporating from your skin.  Keep lotion with you during the day, so that you can replenish the lost moisture from your hands.  Look for a hand repair cream to use when your not working.

Protecting your hands against the harsh winter months is just as important to the health of your hands.  Most of us think of just wearing gloves when we go outside in the winter, but it also is important to wear gloves indoors when using household cleaners and washing dishes.  This can help your hands stay smooth, soft and comfortable. 
Your Skin Tool Kit
What’s drying your Hands Out?

Perfumy Lotion
Perfumes in lotions can cause skin to become irritated and itchy.  Its best to use lotions that have natural or not fragrance at all in them.

For some, gloves can be the source of drying out your hands.  If you find that that gloves are the source of your dry hands, you may have to opt for the gloves that are latex free that contain no powder.  The latex and powder in the gloves may make those who are prone to symptoms of sensitive skin, have such irritation as itching, inflammation, and eczema.

Lack of Hydration
If your not drinking enough water, your skin will become less hydrated making it more likely to dry out.  It is just important in the winter months to drink plenty of fluids.