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Top 5 CNA Skills

In any field in the healthcare industry, there are skills that can help you be successful.  Particularly for a certified nursing assistant (CNA), there are several skills and techniques that you will learn during the course of your instruction and training.  These skills are all incredibly valuable and will help you throughout your career, but there are some skills that are absolutely essential to becoming the best CNA you can.  Even before beginning instruction to become a CNA, you may posses these skills, and you can build on them throughout your career.  There are five highly valued CNA skills that are incredibly important.

All CNAs must be able to communicate effectively.  This starts with a strong foundation in communication abilities, both written and verbal, and it helps to have good communication skills before you even begin your career as CNA.  You’ll learn more about how to communicate with patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout your instruction and career.  It’s good to learn how to write clearly and concisely, as this will be most effective way to document and report facts about the patient. 

Some CNA skills, such as observation skills and the ability to pay attention to detail, can make the difference for a patient’s health and well-being.  CNAs often are required to observe a patient throughout the day, or for several days, and they have to pay attention to the patient’s physical and mental well being.  Most of the time, doctors and nurses are unable to spend as much time with each individual patient as they would like, so they depend on CNAs to notice important details.

Organization and time management are also highly valued CNA skills.  Often working under very little supervision, CNAs must be able to utilize their time well to complete all the tasks required.  Prioritizing tasks and filing reports in an organized fashion is highly important.

The CNAs who do well in their careers have very basic skills as well, such as the ability to respect and follow rules and respect for authority.  Often, there is a set plan that must be followed accurately by the CNA to ensure the best outcome for the patient.  Breaking rules or displaying lack of respect for authority is often detrimental to the career of a Nurse Aide.

Finally, the most important qualities’ a CNA must have are compassion and empathy.  This is fundamental to a good bedside manner and earning each patients trust.   A Certified Nursing Assistants who is able to make patients feel comfortable will likely do well.

These CNAs skills can be inherent, or they can be learned during the course of your own career.  Working on developing these skills can give your instruction and career a boost.