The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
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Nursing assistants have the hardest and most laborious job in the medical profession.  It is the responsibility of nursing assistants to aid, comfort and support the patients. They have a better knowledge of the patients’ needs and requirements than the nursing staff. They are the ones who can suggest the best and most suitable course of action for the treatment of the patients. They also assist the nursing and medical staff in their duties.

The workload of nursing assistants is quite high, and therefore they sometimes feel stressed. Most of the people involved in nursing assistant profession are happy with their jobs, but still, they might feel that they are being taken for granted. The duty of the nursing assistants is really hard and most of the activities take place behind the scenes. Sometimes the patients and employers may not realize how much the nursing assistants contribute to overall goals of the medical facility and to the medical profession as a whole. Because of this the relation of nursing assistants with other staffs may become strained. Therefore the patients, medical staffs and the medical facility need to recognize the efforts of nursing assistants.

Most of the patients and their family show their appreciation to the nursing assistants by sending a thank you note or letter and this gesture of gratitude is sufficient for the nursing assistants. Any form of appreciation that they receive helps them to keep themselves motivated because it helps them realize that their work made a difference for those people. Sometimes, people also give them gifts such as candy, flowers or cards to show their appreciation for the help provided by nursing assistants.

Nursing assistants are sometimes under the impression that they are not appreciated by the nursing staff they work under. People in the nursing staff sometimes only point out the negative aspects of the services provided by the nursing assistants. They should make an effort to show their appreciation verbally. The nursing staff can also make them feel appreciated by asking them about how their job is going and inviting them for discussions on how to handle patient issues. All this can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

Employers have a vital role in making nursing assistants feel appreciated. They should understand the fact that the demand for good nursing assistants is very high and need to work hard to keep them in the medical facility. The way the employers interact with nursing assistants can set the tone for the rest of the staff. The most effective way make the nursing assistants feel appreciated is to include them in the employee newsletters. This will help them know that others realize the importance of the job that the nursing assistants do. The appreciation shown by the medical staff and employers can also help them to deal with the stress and burnout associated with their job.

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