The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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What Does Your Brand Says About You?

The word, brand definition in Webster Dictionary, means a particular kind or type of something. The word Brand, means its marks closely associated of a craftmen' s product.

Let's go a little bit deeper with the word brand, when you see designer's brand names, such as Gucci, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and many others. What the first thought that comes to your mind? Probably something positive or maybe an exciting feeling. Nurse Aides, we are a BRAND! If you have not realize it yet. We are individuals but categorizes as a whole profession in the healthcare field. We have to admit that we played a major role in sabotaging our brand as healthcare professionals. However, I'm not here to condemn but to encourage the transformation of Certifed Nurse Aides to learn how to  protect and elevate "Certified Nurse Aide" brand. I invite you to come along with an open heart, an open ears and an open mind to explore the unlimited possiblities with me.

"Develop a passion for learning . If you do, you will never cease to grow" Quoted by Anthony J.D. Angelo

The unlimited opportunities that Nurse Aides have at their fingertips is amazing.  It takes creativity, determination, education and courage to become what you are ought to be. In the larger world of healthcare industry there is alot of idolatization about becoming a nurse to get respect and better pay. I'm not speaking against advancing up the nursing ladder. On the other hand, I want to make you awares about maximizing of your Nurse Aide license by studying your craft and broarden your horizon in your present profession.

I am going to list a few stream of incomes that may spark interests as a Nurse Aide. You should explore: Wound Care is a popular trendy field for Nurse Aides to venture into. Oncology Care, Physical Therapy, Mother-Baby Care, Post- Surgical Care, Nutrition, Consulting/ Teaching, Sexually-Reproductive challenged, and  many others. You will have to research and ask questions to figure out how to further your education and acquiring the necessary training needed for it. 

Questions: How can you ask for a promotion, when you have not honor where you are presently? Have you develop the maturity of professionalism? How have you master respect toward your supervisors who are presently over you? Be honest and allows yourself to be perfected now so, when it is time for promotion you will be ready. Consequently, losing the amazing opportunities because of your immature character.

Education does not only means professionally and academically but also, interpersonally. Education closely related to every areas of our life. Learning how to speak better. Learning how to become a better listener. Learning about diversity consciousness. Master the art of being a Nurse Aide. Learning how respect different personalities. It will open opportunities available to Nurse Aides to position yourself to give and to receive it. Respect comes to those who command it and knows how to manages it with care.

"No one can live without relationship. You may withdraw into the mountains, become a monk, a sannyasi, wander off into the desert by yourself, but you are related. You cannot escape from the absolute fact. You cannot exist in isolation.  Quoted by Jiddu Kirishnamurti

In reality, there are so many of my fellow nurse aides who have this mentality working in Long-Term Care, Hospice, Home Health, Hospitals and Private Duty, are self-sabotaging themselves repeatededly.  I described relationships as compasses. Who you associates yourself around will direct your life to a brighter future, such as achieving goals and discovering new opportunities and reaching your destiny or direct your future to mindless and destructive path.

I strongly recommend my fellow Nurse Aides to start at the beginning with developing a  healthy relationship with self by establishing healthy boundaries. Secondly, start developing positive and  constructive relationships with your fellow Nurse Aides. There strength in numbers when we have a sense of community within the healthcare industry. Thirdly, start developing positive relationships with your bosses or supervisors. Valuables Nurse Aides understand his/her boss or supervisors are first to hear about great opportunities of growth in the company. Fourth, start developing positive relationships with people within the company such as, non medical professionals. We work in a small world within a large one. Meaning, everybody knows everybody. I strongly advise you not to discredit anyone because they may know the key holder to your next elevation in the company. Refer back to the Golden Rule: Treats people the way you would want to be treated. Each of us are valuable in every way as Nurse Aides but it sweeter to have people to share beautiful and challenging moments with as we journey through life.

"The best kind of accountability on a team is peer-to-peer. Peer pressure is most efficient and effective than going to the leader, anonymously complaining, and having them stop what they are doing to intervene." Quoted by Patrick Lencioni

Accountability is vital in the Nurse Aide community. Being able to discuss the uncomfortableness of issues concerning among the nurse aides, such as their attitude, dress code, work performances, and code of conduct in the workplace.

Nurse Aides we have to be able to rectify our own problems without upper management's intervention. If, we do not learn how to be each other accountability partners it will continue to decrease our capabilities to reverse the past damages we have created. Upper mamagement will continue to eliminates possible growth opportunities for nurse aides in various positions. Accountability is not to hinders us but build parameters for increasing our capacity to seen as valuable professionals to the healthcare team. I challenge every nurse aide to create environment of becoming accountability partner for one another. I promise once you all start being accountable to one another. It will weed out the "destroyers" of the nurse aide profession. Then the evolution of the Nurse Aide's reputation will improve and expand to new height of respect. 

Getting Back To The Passion
"Finding your passion isn't just about careers and money. It's about finding your authentic self. The one you've buried beneath other people's needs." Anonymous

Getting back to your passion about becoming the best and authentic self. That is the first place to getting back to your passion. Or some of you may say, "I do not know who I am nor knowing what I am passionate about". I have discovered passion can only lasts by the navigation of God-Given purpose. Passion without Purpose leads to short-lived thrill.

Your healthcare coworkers and the residents will see a difference in way you work at your job. People are drawn to passionate people who love what they are doing and becoming an expert. Nurse Aides are the frontliners in direct patient care. I do understand we are underappreciated and underpaid. However, possessing negative feelings will contaminate our passion.  Contamination poisons the Nurse Aide's profession tremendously by tone of voice, mood of your atttiude, respond to on-the-job pressures that will results in destruction to a prosperous career for the Nurse Aide.

On the other hand, getting your passion back will triggers great opportunities to expand your passion beyond the walls of your current employers. Having passion in what you do throughout life make a powerful impact as a person and a Nurse Aide.Your passion was designs to shares, to empowers, and to inspires others to see life in a refreshing perspectives. Knowing your purpose is a lifelong journey. So I strongly advises you to do a self-inventory by listing your likes and your dislikes. Ask yourself this question: What angers you the most by provoking you to be the solution to the problem or problems?

Nurse Aides Just Wanna Have Fun!
"You gotta have fun. Regardless of how you look at it, we're playing a game. It's a business, its our job, but I don't think you can do well unless you're having fun". By Derek Jeter

Having fun is the name of the game in the Life of a Nurse Aide. We can wear adorable scrubs, rock the most fashionable hairstyles, chit chat with everyone without getting trouble because we are the frontliners of direct patient care. We can take one hour lunch break and catch up on reality shows. Gladly staying in my scope of practice.  These things I have mentioned are great but the true fun-making is when Nurse Aides take ownership of their profession.

Meaning, its no longer a job but my identity. Its no longer a job descriptions but, now its a rituals. Creating an environment in which Nurse Aides command the room with knowledge, sensitivity, and  practicality in his/her work. Being creative and adventurous with your ideas by sharing them in team meetings such as, IDG meetings, morning conference calls before starting your workcase for the day, team meetings at the onsite campus of your employer, and participating on the birthdays and special celebrating committees at your work. Being courageous to join and attends Board of Advisory Panel which is affiliated with your employer's organizations. Earning certifications in your specialty field to build credibility and versatility in wealth-building.

The definition of Fun in my book is individuality. Creating my own identity with nursing assistant license, not allowing anyone to belittle me but only celebrate my platform. I advises my fellow Nurse Aides to carry yourself with great dignity, pride, and respect whereever you decides to work and play in life. The sky is the limit. Always remember to love self, Love God, and make your extensions define how you want to be remembered. Leave a legacy that no one can rewrite nor erase.

Jillian Simpson, CMA, CNA-CHPNA, CNA-RA
Owner of Post-Surgery Care Of Atlanta, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia