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By Michael H Price
It is not hard to understand why people who spend the majority of their day either in a wheelchair or in bed end up with bed sores. With the inability to move around and give the body a little breathing room, no wonder disabled individuals can develop such painful problems with their skin. But, most people do not understand why bed sores are so dangerous.

To illustrate a point, pretend you recently burned your finger while cooking. Are you going to keep touching that area and putting pressure on it? Of course not! Instead, you will guard that finger, medicate it, keep it clean, and do whatever is necessary to facilitate healing as soon as possible.

The Unknown

However, unlike a burned finger, it is not so easy to take care of pressure sores. After all, how can you prevent putting pressure on the wound if you are confined to a wheelchair or a bed? In addition, a lot of people with major disabilities may not feel the pain of a bed sore, no matter how bad it gets, so the skin can die away and the wound can go clear to the bone, without the sufferer knowing a serious health concern is present.

The Danger

Therein lays the danger of pressure sores. Before a sore is detected, it may already be infected and festering. With many sedentary people already suffering from compromised immune systems, an infection can quickly become a life-threatening health concern.

For example, quadriplegic Christopher Reeves did not die from a broken neck, when he was flung from a horse; he did not die from subsequent difficulties with breathing due to his injuries; he died from a rampant infection because of bed sores.

Reducing the Danger

The best method of reducing the danger of pressure sores is to prevent them in the first place. Frequent repositioning of the body is very important. In addition, the proper wheelchair cushions and special mattresses to relieve pressure on the body will provide help in preventing bed sores.

Also, it is necessary to keep the body clean. Also, turning over to change the pressure points is helpful. Massages seem like a good way to improve circulation. After all, skin is the largest organ in the body. It needs care to ensure it can protect the internal organs. But, the biggest defense against the battle with sores has to be vigilance. Whether it is a personal inspection or left to the caregiver, checking the body every day for pressure sores is vital.

After the Fact

If you or a loved one already has a pressure sore, seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait until it becomes a gaping wound. Should the sore already be that serious, it will probably take surgery to clean out the infection and a bucket full of antibiotics to assist the skin in healing. Do not assume a bandage and prevention measures will take care of the problem.

In short, bed sores or like a paper cut. A Band-Aid will not do the trick. If you or someone you love has the potential to get a pressure sore, you need to understand why bed sores are so dangerous and what you should do about them.

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Why Bed Sores are So Dangerous