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Working Independently as a CNA

If you are a CNA, you may be wondering if working independently is an option for you. In some states you can work independently and keep your certification.  However, some states will not recognize this as an option and therefore you will not be able to keep your nurse aide certification.   You will need to contact the NA registry in your state to see if this is an option for you.  They will be able to tell you what steps you will need to take to ensure that you keep your certification active.

Now that you have determined that your state accepts Certified Nursing Assistant working as self-employed, you will want to start building up a clientele.
Building Clientele
Locating clients can be difficult.  The most effective way is to locate some of the well-known caregiver sites.  Potential clients or their families often browse these sites looking for caregivers that will match their needs. is one example to these types of websites.  This is a much safer and more effective method to market yourself as a professional caregiver.  There are several sites for professional caregivers to get matched with clients. 

In short, the best way to find an independent CNA position is to cast your net as wide as possible.  If you are willing to expand your search to your entire state or at least your surrounding counites even better.  Do keep in mind, however, that each state Certified Nursing Assistant requirements are different and that there is no need to apply for jobs in other states in which you are not qualified to work in.

Special Requirements
When working independently as a CNA, you may want to consider obtaining liability insurance.

Salary and Job Outlook
Self-employed CNA salary in early 2015 was about $26,297 per year.  This is slightly higher than that of the average nurse aide salary.  Your salary will vary widely and depends on several factors including geographic location, level of experience and special skills.

As an independent CNA you must understand that your role is unique and important because you are dealing with those who are unable to care for themselves. Above all, your title requires reliability and dependability.

If your ready to take the step to become an independent CNA now is a great time as the demand for professional caregivers is on the rise.